Optimum Speed = Minimum Effort

I’ve been thinking a bit more about optimum speed, and how finding this rhythm exponentially shortens the distance/ time to achieve your goals. 

I think this principle is incredibly important, so I want to elaborate on it a bit more, to explain in more detail what I mean by optimum speed and how you can find your own optimum speed. 

When striving to achieve any goal in life, from learning to clean your teeth more effectively to earning a million dollars, there’s a way to approach that goal that minimises both the time AND effort to reach that goal.  This approach is what I’m calling the optimum speed. 

It has three main components:

1. Use EVERY MOMENT of your time wisely. 

2. Don’t rush. 

3. Use only the minimum amount of tension required to perform each action in the moment. 

Let’s look at each one of those components in more detail now:

Use EVERY MOMENT of your time wisely

Life is precious – I think most of us have heard this before, but how many of us put it into practice?

Understanding that life is precious means that you don’t waste any of your precious moments here on planet earth. 

That means deciding against wasted time idoly browsing the Internet or watching tv programmes that don’t really inspire you. It means less time spent gossiping with friends about things that don’t really matter or are irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

It means that every moment is a well-chosen moment. That you consciously decide to spend each moment doing something that moves you along your life path in a positive direction. So if you have a goal to start an online business, every spare moment you have when you’re not fulfilling your daily social responsibilities, eating or sleeping, you spend taking constructive actions towards that goal. 

Don’t Rush!

Big News Ladies and Gentlemen! Rushing is counter-productive! It DOES NOT help you achieve your goal more quickly. 

If you really want to achieve your goal sooner, focus on staying calm yet active and efficient while following through on the first step – not wasting any of your moments. 

Rushing not only adds extra, unwanted stress and tension, but also leads to making bad mistakes along the way. If you’re undergoing physical training, you may well injure yourself and set yourself back weeks, as well as damaging your body. If you’re trying to build a business, rushing may cause you to make bad mistakes, which can prove financially costly, or damaging to key business relationships. 

Things flow a lot more smoothly when you’re relaxed. People, and the world in general, respond to you better.

Use only the minimum amount of tension required to perform each action in the moment

Here’s where the real power is. Efficiency and exponential reduction in the time it takes to achieve your goal comes from this principle. 

Now that you’ve found the self-discipline to use every moment wisely, it’s time to put this key principle into action. 

While you’re taking constructive action in the moment, use only the minimum tension required to perform that action.

Let’s take a really simple example – walking. I go for a 20 minute walk in the park every weekday morning. During that time, I carry out my walking using the minimum effort possible, by consciously dropping all unnecessary tension. 

It actually takes very little tension to walk. All you need to do is put one foot in front of the other. Walking doesn’t require any tension in the face, shoulders, arms or back, and only a little bit in the legs.

Breathing. While I’m walking I watch my lungs filling to check they’re filling well and are not restricted by tension in my chest and abdomen. What’s the minimum effort you can expend to allow your lungs to fill properly? Try that as a really simple exercise to get the feel for what I’m talking about. 

As well as dropping all the physical tension you don’t need, you should also drop the mental tension you don’t need. That means drop all the thoughts that aren’t required to perform the action you need to take in this moment to reach your goal. 

That’s the three components!

If you can become a master of approaching life in this way, on average I believe it will save you about 90% of the time it would otherwise have taken you to reach the goal. 

A successful life is all about taking small and positive, incremental steps

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