Welcoming ‘Criticism’ – A Whole New Persepctive on Life

This post is again very much inspired by my watching Eckhart Tolle videos on Youtube. I listened to a video last night about accepting criticism or, for example, someone shouting at you. Historically I've found hearing criticism exceptionally difficult. However recently I've been giving regularly to various charities, and as a result my self-esteem is [...]

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Giving as a Means of Opening to life

Good Morning, Well, I'm finally putting it into practice: Save 10%, Spend 10%, Give 10%. I've known about this rule for about 10 years now, but I've never put this in to practice fully. I've done parts of it, sporadically, such as Save 10%. In the past I've found it easier to do the saving [...]

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Challenging Stress – Is it Here and Now?

Morning, I've been ill recently, so have been taking it easy with my physical training - it's important to know when to ease back and give your body a break. Often a rest is needed to gather momentum for the next big push. I've also been feeling some stress over the last week. Work have [...]

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Humility, Hatred and Gratitude

Morning All, Bit of a different blog post this morning. While I was lying awake in bed at about 5.30am this morning, I had an insight which has been a long time coming. I've often felt this undercurrent in the past, that there's something about me that others want to seer clear from.  Not all [...]

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Keep Pushing Forward. Never Settle

Keep pushing, Never Settle Keep Pushing, Never Settle Keep Pushing, Never Settle Keep Pushing, Never Settle, means you're always honing and refining your life. You're using every single moment to the absolute max. While you're doing whatever it is that you're doing, you put 100% focus on that and do it with as much quality [...]

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Maintaining a High Energy – the Key to Freedom

If you want to escape your habitual patterns then its really important that you drive your energy higher and higher, maintain the changes, and then continually drive it higher and higher.  In this post I'll explain what I mean by that. When you're stuck in a rut, in whatever way that might be in life, sometimes [...]

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Finding the Courage to Be Me

Since I was a kid I've been conditioned to fit in. I was brought up to adhere to all the usual expectations of society.   Be "good", go to school, get an education, get a job and work hard until you retire. I've done pretty well at it too. I got a good education,  pretty [...]

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