Giving as a Means of Opening to life

Good Morning,

Well, I’m finally putting it into practice:

Save 10%, Spend 10%, Give 10%.

I’ve known about this rule for about 10 years now, but I’ve never put this in to practice fully.

I’ve done parts of it, sporadically, such as Save 10%. In the past I’ve found it easier to do the saving part as that involves no ‘risk’.

To give money away and spend it freely involves some risk, because it means I’m putting my faith in the universe to look after me when I’m freely giving it away. This can be a hard step for the brain to take when it’s used to having ‘not enough’.

Of course, what I really mean is an illusion of not enough. The people who really don’t have enough are those that live in poverty – in squalid conditions, or with no food.

That’s where the giving part comes in.

By searching for causes to give money too, it is really opening my mind to the wide array of people out there who have problems, and who need help.

Some, because of their situation, such as a serious illness or a lack of food, really do have next to nothing and seriously need our help.

Walk down the street in a western city, and you’ll see thousands of people who possess the capability to help another human being financially, and in other ways too.

But I’ve seen only a very small fraction of people stop to help others out, for example, by giving money to the homeless.

This is a collective thing, and no one can be blamed for it. But once you begin to open your mind to it, it’s astounding how our culture is set up to ignore these pleas for help.

Think about watching the evening news. On that half-hour long program, they talk almost exclusively about the most horrific things happening in the world, but they NEVER show any of the wonderful things that some of us are trying to do to improve the situation.

For example, I know that Tony Robbins is providing over 50 million meals for people in the USA this year. Isn’t that an absolutely mind-blowingly incredible contribution? Is that not newsworthy?

With the way the media is set up currently, there’s no chance that such an amazing effort is going to be reported on our national news. The result? No role models shown to our children on television in the evening while their parents watch the national news.

Don’t we want to fill our television screens with some of the wonderful role models that exist in the world today? Isn’t that an obvious thing to do? So why are we reporting only the worst acts of violence from around the world? Perhaps if we were focused more on setting things right then there would be far fewer problems.

Anyway, to get back to the theme of my blog post, I’ll finish by bringing it back to the main point. Start following that 10 10 10 rule today. It’s not enough to know about it. Act on it every single day and don’t fail to do so. It will literally change your life!

It will also free you from the horrific prison of needing more money. Don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself! You’ll find out the true purpose of money and how it can be put to good use for the good of all!

Set yourself free! Just do it!


We’re so lucky to live on planet earth!

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