Fear into Power – When difficult situations become Learning Opportunities

I think it's probably true to say that we all have aspects of our lives that cause us a lot of difficulty, situations, places or people that we're afraid of, and wish that we could avoid. Facing those situations and people can make us anxious, tense, stressed and vulnerable. It can be very daunting indeed [...]

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What to do when you’re having a bad day

Some days, we're just not at our best. It could be because of an illness, injury or bereavement in the family, but usually it's because our mind is noisy - we're having lots of uncomfortable thoughts, which are accompanied by lots of uncomfortable feeling emotions in the body, such as anger, depression, or fear. 1. [...]

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Reminding Yourself to Return to the Present Moment During a Busy Day

I don't know about you, but my life is very busy - there are lots of things to do. I'm a parent of a young child, and I also work full time. Then there are other standard daily jobs such as paying the bills, keeping the house clean, keeping the garden tidy. There is ALWAYS [...]

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Starting From where you are Now!

This post follows on from the ones I made last week, about the tendency I've had to find and make something wrong. This could be about anything. Often, it's my life situation, such as work, finances or relationships, or it could be a judgement about a person I've just met, or indeed someone I've known [...]

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Never Give Up on Reaching your Dreams

If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavours to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. The above is a quote from Henry David Thoreau, an American philosopher around in the 1800s. I absolutely love this quote. It gives me great confidence [...]

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Pulling out Negativity by the Root!

Again since yesterday I've been observing the tendency of my mind to find something wrong, in any given moment or situation. It's really interesting how this inner impulse can start up at any moment, looking to find something wrong. A good way to describe it is in terms of complaining. Have you ever listened to [...]

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Problems That Don’t Need Solutions!

Following on from yesterdays post, which discussed the ever-prevalent background sense of there being something wrong, I spent a large amount of time observing this feeling within myself yesterday. My work is almost exclusively carried out on a computer, so I get a large amount of time to myself, immersed in my computer work. During [...]

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The Amazing Transformational Power of Looking at the Positive

Are you a glass half full person, or a glass half empty person? If you've never heard that phrase before, perhaps this one: Do you look on the bright side of life? There are many, many ways to look at an event. When any event happens, every person that has knowledge of that event has [...]

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