What to do when you’re having a bad day

Some days, we’re just not at our best. It could be because of an illness, injury or bereavement in the family, but usually it’s because our mind is noisy – we’re having lots of uncomfortable thoughts, which are accompanied by lots of uncomfortable feeling emotions in the body, such as anger, depression, or fear.

1. DON’T try and feel better

On some days, the human mind can be extremely uncomfortable. When it’s like this, it’s very difficult to know how to approach your day. It’s very tempting to grapple with the discomfort, that is, to try and do something that will take you back into feeling better. We may have some success with this initially, but by doing this it’s possible to actually become addicted to feeling good, which is not a good place to get to!

If you need to feel good every day of your life then your in for a rough ride. It’s much better and more productive to be able to accept more difficult emotions in your life.

So when you get out of bed and your mind is noisy and telling you uncomfortable or scary stories about this and that, don’t try and change it. That’s a key to getting on with your day productively.

2. Return to your Task List

This is a time when your task list can be incredibly helpful. When you’re having a bad day it is absolutely not the time to be figuring out what to do. You need to make your decisions about what you should be doing on a good day, when your mind is open, not on a bad day!

So when you’re feeling good, open and expansive, make sure you are keeping a task list of what you’d like to accomplish. Importantly, make sure that everything is listed in order of priority. Then, when you next find you’re having a bad day, you can simply refer to your list.

Once you’ve opened your task list, start working through your tasks one by one, in priority order. Don’t waste time grappling or second guessing what you should be doing. Trust that your list is correct.

3. Don’t Rush! Take your time

It’s natural that you’re not going to be as productive on a good day. Take your time. Accept that you’re mind is not on top form today and be satisfies with yourself for fully participating in your day anyway, inspite of the difficulty you are experiencing.

If you try and rush through your tasks, to get to an outcome, you’ll likely make mistakes, costing you more time, or produce a substandard level of work in whatever it is that you are doing.

So take your time, if you manage to tick a few things off your list today then that is a great effort! Stay Focused.

4. Carry on, and don’t get distracted

Stick to the formula above. Don’t get distracted by anything. This may sometimes take some determination on your part, but it’s worth it! When you’re feeling better you’ll be really grateful that you carried on completing your important tasks while having an off day, and it’ll free up more time and energy for when you DO feel good!

It’s a simple formula, but this is the best way I’ve found to deal with things. As a bonus, I actually find that working in this way quite quickly makes me feel better again.

Why not give it a go, especially if what you have been doing hasn’t been working for you?


Don’t panic, stick to the formula!


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