Spiritual Direction – Awakening in Action

Spiritual Direction relates to the actions you take after having an awakening experience, or while on your spiritual journey. I think the role of action in waking up to the truth of who we are is dramatically underestimated by most people I've encountered. In my opinion, people emphasise having an awakening experience far too much. If [...]

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Spiritual Surrender – Embrace the Gifts!

Spiritual Surrender is an absolute gift. It keeps us on the right track when we think we know better! There are a lot of things that I don't want to do. I don't really want to work if I'm honest. I'd rather wake up each morning and decide for myself what I wanted to do [...]

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The Cycles of Life – the Weekly Cycle

Morning, Another Monday morning. They come around really quickly, don't they? My mind and body is now beginning to adjust, ready for the high intensity of the working week. My weekend has been fairly relaxed. I've been getting some jobs done around the house - not very strenuous ones. It's quite satisfying. I also watched [...]

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The Panic before the Quiet

There is an ever increasing amount of stillness popping up in various situations in my life now. It's really beginning to emerge at work, which is a mixture of fear and freedom for me at the moment. If you're used to reading this blog, or have experienced a degree of awakening yourself, the source of [...]

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The Balance between Helping Others and Keeping your centre

I'm very busy at work at the moment. We have a client that is launching lots of new projects at the moment, and there are more email requests coming in than we can deal with. Everyone's trying to do their best to help, to solve as many problems as possible in the time they have. [...]

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Respect your Life Process; Be Patient! Reap the Rewards

Morning, I've recently found myself with a bit more time on my hands. I've cut down on my hours at work so that I can spend more time growing and developing the Busy Awakening online resource (formerly known as Physical Confidence). I've changed the name of my blog from Physical Confidence to Busy Awakening, because [...]

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A Guaranteed Way to Feel More Peaceful and In-Tune Today

The further I go on my own life journey, the more I'm realising that the spiritual aspects of life, such as feeling at peace and having a sense of belonging to the planet, are intertwined with the decisions I take every day - in particular, what I do. There are a lot of people out there [...]

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Focus and Trust you’re on the right Path

Morning. I'm back to my blog after a long bank holiday weekend. Lots of time to reflect on how things are going in my life in general. I do get a lot of clarity on life, especially when I'm getting on with everything I need to and not procrastinating. I watched a bit of tv [...]

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