A Guaranteed Way to Feel More Peaceful and In-Tune Today

The further I go on my own life journey, the more I’m realising that the spiritual aspects of life, such as feeling at peace and having a sense of belonging to the planet, are intertwined with the decisions I take every day – in particular, what I do.

There are a lot of people out there that have an initial spiritual experience, where they feel the truth of who they are, the space beneath the busyness of life, and then they try and reproduce this experience again and again, reasoning that if they can do this it will be the end of all of their problems.

This happened to me about 10 years ago. I had some deeply spiritual experiences where I realised myself to be one with the entire universe, and that I was essentially the same being as every other person and animal on the planet.

Sounds very very strange I know. It was very strange to me too! I studied science at university and I thought everything could be understood with logic! I thought I had all the answers! But the truth of the situation was that I was deeply depressed and dissatisfied. I was living a life that was not true to me, and I felt lost in a world where everyone else seemed to be doing fine.  I remember having this sense that there MUST be more to life than I was currently experiencing.

About 10 years ago a series of events led to me to find out what that more was. My definition of who I was changed discontinuously. I realised that I wasn’t the little me that I had always assumed myself to be. That there was something much much bigger going on here.

The next 10 years have been a real mixed bag. It’s not been 10 years of blissful ecstatic peace and joy, but more a gritty period of learning to live in a different way, to appreciate and serve others more and face my fears. Sound enticing?!

Very different view to simply holding on to blissful peace for your whole life, right?

I’ve had periods of doing nothing and being utterly depressed, then having far too much to do and feeling totally overwhelmed. Often I’ve grappled with it and tried to find a balance.

But this period has been invaluable to me as I’ve learned a whole lot of valuable lessons about what does and doesn’t work as far as living a successful life is concerned.

The Thing Spiritual People Often Don’t like to Hear

Peace and spiritual connectedness is inextricably linked to what you actually DO!

The feelings of peace and depth you feel in life are not only connected to what you do, they depend on it!

It doesn’t matter how many spiritual books you read, or how many walks you take in nature, or how many ecstatic trance dances or yoga postures you perform, if you really want to live in real peace, you have to become really good at discipline and determination.

I just think that’s so absolutely cool. I love the fact that real spirituality has a strong action component to it.

How to feel More at Peace and Spiritually Connected, TODAY!

There’s a very simple formula here, but it’s one that most spiritual traditions overlook. And it is ultra simple! I’ve learned it through my own life experience and surrender to the lessons of life over the past 10 years, since my initial awakening experience.

To feel more at peace and spiritually connected today, ask yourself the following question:

What, if I do it now, is going to make me feel better about myself?

After asking this question and finding your answer, do it, without haste!

Ask this question again and again throughout the day, and each time you find your answer, do it!

People often say: I can’t find an answer, how can I find the right answer?

It’s really not that difficult. Here’s another way to look at it:- what actions have you been putting off taking? What things have been weighing on your mind that you haven’t done anything about? Maybe you already know the answer, but you’re in denial? Once you’ve answered these questions honestly, start doing some of those things.

Don’t make it into a goal! You don’t have to achieve it all today. Just take some relaxed, constructive action in support of the answers you came up with.

Always remember to refer back to the original question – What, if I do it now, is going to make me feel better about myself?

Some Practical Examples of Applying this Method:

  • Do I eat the chocolate bar, or do I not eat the chocolate bar. In one hour’s time, which decision will make me feel better about myself?
  • Do I clean my teeth, or do I let it go? In one hour’s time, which decision will make me feel better about myself?
  • Do I give it my all at work, supporting my colleagues, or do I relax and let the others do the hard work? Which way of working will make me feel better about myself?
  • Do I try and improve the way I look, or do I accept myself as I am and accept the criticism of others, knowing it’s their problem? Which way of viewing the situation will make me feel better about myself?
  • Do I buy the new car on hire purchase spending £300 per month (over £10k over 3 years), or do I accept that this is a lot of money that could be spent more wisely? Which decision will make me feel happier with myself and more secure?
  • Shall I take a 10 minute walk in the park, or shall I squeeze in an extra 10 minutes work? Which will make the biggest difference to the quality of my life?
  • Shall I call that old friend and see how they’re getting on with things, or shall I let that friendship go? Which decision will make me feel better about myself?

Are you starting to see how this thing works? There are no right and wrong answers here, it’s about what you know in your heart is in your own best interests.

Once you get used to picking the right answers and then actually seeing it through, you’ll start to feel more at peace and more joy than you ever thought possible. You’ll begin to feel a sense of love in everything you see, hear and do.

Don’t worry if you feel a little bit of fear following through on the answers that you came up with. If the fear is completely overwhelming then it might be best to choose something a lot smaller, a really small decision, such as many of the examples I’ve given above.

This is a really powerful and unbelievably simple process. If you’re ready and willing it’s a sure fire way to start feeling more connected and re-find your passion for life.

One thing I know for certain is that it’s  literally impossible to find any permanent sense of peace in this world until we’re willing to begin making decisions that truly make us happy and then following through on them.



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