Respect your Life Process; Be Patient! Reap the Rewards


I’ve recently found myself with a bit more time on my hands. I’ve cut down on my hours at work so that I can spend more time growing and developing the Busy Awakening online resource (formerly known as Physical Confidence).

I’ve changed the name of my blog from Physical Confidence to Busy Awakening, because Busy Awakening pretty much describes what my life is like, in a nutshell! I’ve been working very hard, and I have a family to feed. This is typical of a modern day western family – very little time available.

For years I’ve worked 50 hour weeks while undergoing this inner transformation, which started in earnest some 10 years ago, after I had a full blown spiritual awakening experience. It’s been a major challenge balancing my ongoing awakening with my busy life schedule. It’s very easy to get totally lost in all of the jobs that need to be done. The mind can run overtime trying to sort out a never-ending task list. But once one has experienced a profound spiritual experience, that inner wisdom is always in the background, trying to break through.

I think this has actually made my excursions back into unconsciousness, i.e. getting totally lost in my thoughts, more painful. I’ve been so much more aware of my own pain and suffering, something which I guess comes packaged with more awareness in general. But this has been a great blessing, as it has meant that I have moved along my life journey, and indeed my awakening journey, with a good speed.

I’m now at a point where I find myself of having lots of experience of bringing spiritual awakening into a fast-paced commercial environment, and a busy family life. These are skills which I believe are not that common, as yet. Lots of people have spiritual experiences, and experience moments of profound peace and joy, but I have met very few that can bring that wisdom into a busy daily life, which requires a whole other level of inner development. It requires one to become much more humble, to realise that those one had previously seen as cruel, rude, or self-serving are actually beautiful, and that it was the distortions of the ego that was making them appear in a certain dark light.

Over the past 6 months I’ve been feeling more and more compelled to write about this. I’ve found that I actually enjoy writing a lot! I’ve learned to touch-type and I’m now typing at close to 50 words per minute.

I’m now really, really excited to be developing this Busy Awakening website as a place both for me to express myself through writing, and to offer assistance to others who might find what I’ve learned through my own life experience to be very useful to them on there own path of awakening, with the people and situations they encounter in their everyday life.

Staying Calm and Focused when you’re Excited inside

I’m so excited about this project that my mind could run wild, and I could end up unbalanced and feeling terrible in no time! One of the key skills you need when bringing spiritual awakening into your daily life, is the remain calm, focussed and pragmatic while at the same time feeling very excited! If I were to become to engulfed in the project, then I would begin to neglect the other very important areas of my life, such as my wife and child, or paying the bills, or maintaining our home and garden. This wouldn’t be good for the project either, as I would become so stressed that I’d stem the creative flow.

I have learned to contain this excitement, so that it’s released gradually, and so that it does not become a destructive force. Instead, I nurture this excitement within, I enjoy feeling it in the pit of my stomach. It feels warm and highly energetic. I enjoy the process of it being released into what I’m doing, whether that’s writing this blog, driving my car, or telling my wife how much I love her.

Don’t let your mind hijack your excitement. Nurture the feeling of excitement, enjoy it being there. Then, although you’ll always appear calm on the outside, you’ll feel deeply excited and joyful on the inside.

A big part of being able to do this successfully is to realise that your goal may take a long time to accomplish. Accept this, and accept also that it’s going to be a lot of fun along the way!

I’m extremely excited about the end product of building a rich and thoroughly helpful online resource that serves people undergoing the awakening process in their busy life. But I know and accept fully that it could take years to fulfil my vision of how I’d like it to be.

Will it take more time, or less time than you think?

I’ve learned so many wonderful lessons about awakening in action during my time working for a fast-paced commercial company. Here’s an amazing lesson that was hard-earned for me, but I’m happy to share it now. The reason I know it’s absolutely true is because of my vast experience putting it into practice. There are two parts to it. Here it is:

  • If when trying to reach a goal, you rush, it will take you twice as long (or more) to reach the goal, and you will have been stressed along the way;
  • If when trying to reach a goal, you work at a steady pace, accepting each challenge along the way and respecting the process, you will reach that goal far faster than you ever dreamed it was possible to do so!

I’m not sure whether this lesson can be truly learned, except by running up against obstacles of your own, in your own day-to-day life. But there it is. If you do find you’re able to integrate it into your own life without going through too much pain and struggle, then that would be a great service to me, and to other people, as it means you will become an agent for peace in the world. And the more agents for peace in the world, the nicer and friendlier the world is for all that live on it!

Respect your life journey!

Respect the journey you need to undertake to where you want to get to! The journey is what it’s all about. The journey is exactly what you need to become the person you’d like to become!

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