The Cycles of Life – the Weekly Cycle


Another Monday morning. They come around really quickly, don’t they?

My mind and body is now beginning to adjust, ready for the high intensity of the working week.

My weekend has been fairly relaxed. I’ve been getting some jobs done around the house – not very strenuous ones. It’s quite satisfying.

I also watched some tv this weekend. I think it’s really important to have some downtime sometimes. If you asked me to watch tv in the middle of the week, when I’m fully in work mode, then I would likely flatly refuse. The reason for this is that my mind is in super-efficient mode (that’s the plan anyway), ready to get through the tasks in front of me in the most efficient way possible.

My Weekly Cycle

A good way to explain what life on earth is like to an alien, would be to talk about cycles. Let’s start by taking our typical working week. On Monday morning we’re gearing up to go for a new working week. We’re trying to get back into the zone that disappeared while we relaxed over the weekend. Work can be a bit of a shock to us on Monday morning, if we don’t have a solid, tried and tested routine to bring us back into the right frame of mind.

I have my morning exercise routine, including flexibility exercises, press-ups and squats, which starts off the process for me. I then write a blog post, like this one, to open up my mind and heart to connecting with others out there who are going through their own process.

I then go for a half-hour walk in the park, where I can hear the birds and see a few faces, but mainly I’m keeping my mind focused, gearing it up for hitting work hard at 9am.

I do this routine every morning throughout the working week, and then take it easy at the weekend.

Making your weekly cycle easier – let go of fixed ideas about yourself

This blog is about awakening. It’s about letting go of your fixed ideas about yourself, the fixed ideas that we collectively tend to refer to as the ego. Weekly cycles are natural, you’re not likely to be the same person at the weekend than during the week. That’s absolutely natural. As a human and spiritual being, there are lots of facets to us, and we play these out at different times.

When you relax at the weekend, or go on holiday, you’re likely to do things differently to how you would when your focused on your work in the middle of the working week. This is all part of the variety of life, and it’s there to be enjoyed. Don’t pay any attention to anyone who criticises you for being inconsistent. Life is inconsistent! Being too static is a recipe for misery, regret and an early grave.

The larger cycles of life

Not only are the weekly and daily cycles (daily is obvious – night and day), there are a large number of cycles on an ever increasing timescale. For example, the cycles of difficulty in life. Sometimes things are really difficult, and at other times, perhaps years later, you find things are flowing smoothly. But sure enough, at some point things will once again become more challenging.

There are cycles of peace and war on earth. We go through decades where the world is more at peace, before a government decides it’s going to take some drastic action.

There are cycles in fashion – people suddenly start wearing the same style of clothing that was fashionable 30 years ago, and has since been out of fashion!

Individually we go through cycles of health and illness. We can be fit and well for years before suddenly being struck down with illness. Or we might unfortunately end up in some accident which has a period of rehabilitation associated with it.

The point I’m making is that life is in a constant flux. It changes constantly. You can’t stop it.

Finding Security in a constantly changing world

Life IS constantly changing, and if you’re seeking security in your possessions, relationships (no matter how stable) or health, your destined to fail.

But it is still possible to find security in this life. Become acquainted with who you are. Find out who you really are. For real.

I don’t mean find out what your hobbies and interests are, or where you fit into some organisation. I mean find out who you are in this moment. Can you sense who you are as you read this post? Can you sense a feeling of being there? Of being the one reading the words? It’s a simple, empty space of awareness. The witness of the event. The same witness that was there for every event in this lifetime.

The more you cultivate taking notice of this sense of who you are (sometimes called being, presence, I AM or the witness), the more it will be evident in all situations in your life. You’ll be undertaking your usual daily tasks, and you’ll suddenly notice, oh, there I am! Witnessing this event!

This witnessing presence, which is actually who you are, is constant, ever present and unchanging. So if you are able to make this your baseline for life, the place you always return to, you will find security, because your baseline will be constant.

Start today by asking “Who am I really?”, and looking for yourself in the present moment.

Spend 10 minutes in silence. Just sit on a chair and for 10 minutes just be there. Let your mind chatter away, just don’t let it drag your attention off in any particular direction. Just witness it!


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