Spiritual Surrender – Embrace the Gifts!

Spiritual Surrender is an absolute gift. It keeps us on the right track when we think we know better!

There are a lot of things that I don’t want to do. I don’t really want to work if I’m honest. I’d rather wake up each morning and decide for myself what I wanted to do (which would probably lead to far too much lounging around!).

I don’t really want to cook, clean my teeth, do the laundry, fulfil my obligations to friends of the past and the wider family. I’d rather just do my own thing.

But some things in life you need to turn over to your deeper wisdom. In fact, ideally everything should be turned over to this wisdom.

Life can really go down quickly if you try and control it yourself, that is, from your ego. In my mid-twenties, I took controls of the reigns of my own life. I quit my job, thinking I could make a success of it myself through starting an online business.

I ended up in a massive amount of debt, out of shape and largely alone.

Yet it wasn’t all bad. During those dark times I started to learn about surrender.

Spiritual Surrender – the Faith to let go of your own Demands

This is my own definition of surrender, and I think it’s a good one:

Spiritual Surrender is having the faith to let go of your own demands

though if you don’t voluntarily get to that point of surrender within yourself, but life needs to force you, a more applicable definition might be:

Surrender is what you’re forced into when you realise life is in charge, not you.

Surrender is a scary concept to the ego. It implies a lack of control, and it’s true.

Surrender is giving up control over your life and trusting that things will work out the way they’re supposed to.

My first real experience of surrender was forced on me by life, as I just wasn’t willing to go there voluntarily. Let me tell you the story of how it happened:

My First Experience of Spiritual Surrender

It was about 10 years ago. I’d had some amazingly big spiritual experiences. Not only had I experienced a deep and profound peace on many occasions, where the  timeless peace came flowing into my experience, but I’d also had a full on experience of god realisation.

Yet my life was largely troubled. I was incredibly anxious and unsure of myself. I found it very difficult to smile. In fact, I never truly genuinely smiled. I smiled a lot, but they were all forced.

I felt alone. And yet these new experiences of awakening offered me a new glimmer of hope.

I set about trying to rectify my life by meditating so intensely that the feelings of peace experienced during my meditations would consume my difficulties (this was a mistaken idea on my part, that wouldn’t work!)

I meditated sometimes for 8 hours a day, finishing at 3am in the morning if necessary. I meditated for as long as I could until my feelings of anxiety once again disappeared. I reasoned that soon my feelings of anxiety would be gone for good. Of course, I was wrong.

The ‘trick’ of hiding my anxiety with meditation became increasingly difficult, until it no longer worked. My mind and body rejected it, and I found myself on the verge of a breakdown. It was at this point that I first experienced forced spiritual surrender, and it was not a nice experience.

This first experience was me realising that what I had been so convinced would save me from my anxiety wasn’t going to work. I was actually going to have to face up to the feelings of anxiety. I needed to surrender to them.

Embrace Spiritual Surrender as soon as possible

This story illustrates how much I clung on to my ego, due to the fear I was experiencing in life. But the sooner you can switch to surrendering, the better. Once you truly, genuinely surrender, you’ll feel a sense of relief, of finally facing up to what you’ve known all along needs to be met head on.

Wisdom will begin to flow into your life. With spiritual surrender, you begin to see through the illusions of your own ego. You begin to see that the scary beliefs you’ve held for years and years are not true. It’s not like when someone tries to convince you of something. When you see it, it becomes obvious. The thought of believing what you previously believed seems absurd, as you’ve literally seen it to be a lie.

This is how you can become permanently transformed, so there’s no need to keep revisiting the same problems again and again. This is how a permanent spiritual awakening can really begin to flower.

There are great gifts to be found from embracing spiritual surrender. Start with surrendering to small things – things that you’ve been putting off, but that are not that scary. Put your fears and anxieties to one side and just do the thing you’ve been avoiding. Then reap the rewards.

With time you’ll build faith.

Start doing the things that you know are in your best interests, but you’ve been putting off because of fear.

Start small and work your way up!

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