Waking up with Anxiety – What it means and what to do

Waking up with anxiety can be a very unnerving experience. Do you wake up with anxiety? Is it just a little bit of anxiety or is it severe? Are you left wondering what it is, why it's there and what you can do about it? I have personally experienced this issue in the past, but [...]

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Spiritual Awakening Anxiety – What you can do

Anxiety in spiritual awakening is totally common. If you'd like to know how to deal with and approach this anxiety, or would just like some reassurance, then read on. As we awaken spiritually a number of things happen that we may interpret as scary. These things often make us feel like we're regressing, and even [...]

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Signs of Spiritual Awakening – 10 Common Indicators

What are the signs of spiritual awakening? Spiritual awakening is extremely hard to diagnose in the way that might be done when you pay a visit to the doctor. The reason for this is that the spirit (your true self or nature) can begin to rear it's head in any number of different forms. But there [...]

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