Signs of Spiritual Awakening – 10 Common Indicators

What are the signs of spiritual awakening? Spiritual awakening is extremely hard to diagnose in the way that might be done when you pay a visit to the doctor. The reason for this is that the spirit (your true self or nature) can begin to rear it’s head in any number of different forms. But there are some tell tale signs of spiritual awakening that might just mean your in for a BIG change in perception sometime soon.

10 Common signs of spiritual awakening

If you experience any of these signs, its quite possible you’re beginning to awaken spiritually.

Unfortunately some of the signs of spiritual awakening can come across as being quite negative. Don’t let this dissuade you from your desire to awaken. In order to find our true nature – real freedom, it’s often necessary to uncover all of the ways that we are subconsciously suffering. And once we do, there’s a much happier, peaceful place waiting beyond.

With that in mind, here are some of the signs that you might be awakening spiritually.

1. Spontaneous gaps in your thinking

If you find yourself experiencing sudden and spontaneous gaps in your thinking, when the constant chatter in your head dies down, even for just a moment, then this is a strong sign you might have started the spiritual awakening process. These gaps could be described as being peaceful, quiet, expansive and filled with contentment.

2. A nagging feeling that there is more to life than you have yet uncovered

One of the very first signs of spiritual awakening I can remember is a nagging feeling that I was somehow missing something, that there was much more to life than I was currently aware of. Years later, when my spiritual journey really moved up a gear, I realised this was my true self starting to emerge. I remember having such an inexplicable feeling. Somehow I just knew that there was much, much more for me to find out.

3. When you feel you can no longer live in the same way you have been so far

In your own unique way, you finally say “I can’t live like this any more!”. That can be a strong sign of spiritual awakening. It can leave a space in your thoughts for something new to enter: your true self. i.e. Spiritual Awakening.

4. You’re no longer able to relate to those you grew up with

This can be a strong sign of spiritual awakening. It often marks your growing maturity as a human being and your willingness to be open-minded and see life from a new perspective. From this point onward you may start to perceive life more and more deeply.

5. You find yourself in the Mind, Body and Spirit section in Waterstones

This one happened to me. I suddenly became interested in books that I previously had absolutely no interest in. I bought a few books that were to sit on my bookshelf for years to come, until I was finally ready to read them. Life really does become miraculous when you start to awaken spiritually.

6. You have chance encounters with people that inspire you

This one is a real tell-tale sign of spiritual awakening. I once had a chance encounter with a really inspiring young man on the very bleak train station of the small wayward town in which I grew up. Meeting him led me on to find a teacher called Wayne Dyer, who was perfect for the stage of my life. Amazingly this guy had been working on market stall in the town I’d grew up in for 20 years. And believe me, this is one bleak town I’m talking about!

7. You become more aware of suffering

This one can be difficult, and the title might repel you, but don’t be too hasty to run away! This one is actually a great gift. You may well begin to see the vast suffering underneath the pretend happy exterior that a lot of people like to portray. Rather than judge them, when you begin to see that they’re finding life difficult, compassion and love arises. This makes them feel loved, and also makes you feel better about yourself.

8. You feel very content in the natural world

Spiritual awakening will bring you to a place of utter contentment around all people. However, this can take years or decades to flourish, and to begin with you may just find a quiet stillness and contentment when out walking in the woods, by the sea, or watching a sunset.

9. People don’t understand you

This may include your family and close friends. Spiritual Awakening is from a different realm to normal everyday life. When it starts to emerge within you your perspective on life may not be understood by those closest to you. Don’t try and convince them of anything, just love and forgive them as best you can.

10. You gain flashes of insight

I’ve experienced this one thousands of times now. Insight into situations in your life may begin to happen. These insights come from a different place than you’re used to. They don’t seem to arise out of your continual habitual thinking, which is very repetitive.  Instead, thoughts of inspiration just ‘appear’ within your mind. They feel fresh, new and it will be the first time you have thought them. You’ll experience the feeling of “That’s it!” or “Wow that’s so true!” or “Eureka!”


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