Spiritual Awakening Anxiety – What you can do

Anxiety in spiritual awakening is totally common. If you’d like to know how to deal with and approach this anxiety, or would just like some reassurance, then read on.

As we awaken spiritually a number of things happen that we may interpret as scary. These things often make us feel like we’re regressing, and even at stages like we’re going to die. This is normal during spiritual awakening. Do any of the following resonate with you?

Reasons for Anxiety in Spiritual Awakening

  • After spending a lot of time in meditation or contemplation, you’re far more aware of how vulnerable you are as a human being;
  • You’re much more aware of your negative thoughts than you used to be, and you’re fearful of these being exposed;
  • You don’t know how to fit into your job, family or circle of friends with your knew wider experience;
  • You experience anxiety about sharing your true thoughts with people;
  • You feel alone due to not being connected to many people who understand your new perspective;
  • You feel you’re under attack, or you’re going to be annihilated;
  • You’re afraid of facing circumstances you’be been avoiding for a long time;
  • You harbour feelings of guilt and self-hatred that you have uncovered during your meditation.

These are just a few reasons for anxiety during spiritual awakening. There will be many, many more, some of which are specific to your own individual situation. But I think it’s fair to say that almost everyone undergoing spiritual awakening experiences anxiety at different points along their journey.

Tips to overcome Spiritual Awakening Anxiety

There are a few key things to remember that can help you begin to move through and let go of your anxiety:

1. Learn to let go / Surrender

Surrender is a popular word in spiritual circles, but what does it mean? Surrender, which personally I prefer to call ‘letting go’, is practising the ability to say YES to life’s challenges. For example, if there’s a specific situation which is challenging to you, can you imagine getting to the point where you finally take a big sigh and say “OK life, bring it on!, whatever you do, I’m ready, I just don’t want to spend my life wasting it in anxiety anymore.”

To begin practising, it’s best to start with a situation that causes you just a little bit of anxiety, i.e. not a lot. The biggest challenges you can take on later, when you’ve had a lot of practice. For now, it’s best to choose something small and make the decision to face it, no matter what happens. Make this decision fully. Commit to it. Then follow through.

After following through and doing the thing that scares you (remember, scares you just a little – not if it’s too big!), you’ll gain a new perspective and a feeling of being free like you’ve never experienced before. You’ll begin to see how facing your fears (gradually) is something you actually want to do.

2. Learn to Forgive Others

Observe your mind. Do you criticise other people a lot? Do you ever spend time thinking that other people need to change? Do you resent others for not doing what you want them to do, or saying what you want them to say? How do you feel about the thoughts you harbour? Do you feel guilty?

If so, I seriously believe it would help you to begin practising forgiveness. Next time you notice that you’re thinking in a way that criticises others, remember that thinking in this way makes you feel bad about yourself, and leads to more anxiety in spiritual awakening. Remind yourself that it would be a gift to yourself to forgive that person for not meeting your expectations. Remind yourself that this will make you feel better, and weaken your feelings of anxiety and isolation.

Forgiveness is an extremely powerful way of bringing more happiness into the world, both for yourself and others. Once you start practising it, you soon realise that you want to keep doing it as much as possible, as it makes you so much happier!

If you’ve really and truly forgiven someone, then afterwards you will realise that they hadn’t actually done anything wrong in the first place. You’ll realise that the problem was really to do with your own need to judge others. And once this need is gone, you’re free to experience the world fully and be of true benefit to others. You become a much more loving presence. People then enjoy spending time around you more and more. You begin to share the light with others!

3. Learn to Forgive Yourself

Now you’ve become so good at forgiving others, it’s time to forgive the hardest person of all to forgive – yourself! While many of us are willing to forgive others, the self-hatred we harbour about ourselves can be so deep that we’re unwilling to forgive it.

But beating ourselves up for the rest of our lives simply isn’t necessary. Once you’ve spent time forgiving others and in return realising that you’re not as bad as you thought you were, you’re ready. You’ve been gradually learning that you actually do deserve to be happy. Now it’s time to forgive yourself. When you find yourself thinking bad thoughts about yourself, who you are or what you have done, ask the spirit / your higher self / inner guide for the help in letting it go.

After asking, genuinely asking for help in letting the self-judgement go, let the whole process of needing an answer go too. Let it go and…

4. Trust (Faith)

Just trust. Trust that things will work out beautifully. With no good reason whatsoever, just trust. Let it go, trust, and take the next step forward. Just do it. Try it. Let it go! Let the anxiety go! You don’t need to hold on to your anxiety in spiritual awakening!


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