Optimum Speed = Minimum Effort

I've been thinking a bit more about optimum speed, and how finding this rhythm exponentially shortens the distance/ time to achieve your goals.  I think this principle is incredibly important, so I want to elaborate on it a bit more, to explain in more detail what I mean by optimum speed and how you can find [...]

2017-02-15T08:51:09+00:00 February 15th, 2017|Motivation, Nutrition & Health, Psychology|

I’ve started taking Multivitamins to improve my overall Health

I've started taking a multivitamin tablet to improve my overall health.  The one I've chosen is one that was recommended to me by a nutritionist a couple of years ago. It's Thorne Research Basic Nutrients V. I was informed by the nutritionist that this supplement only contains naturally occurring substances, i.e. is non-synthetic.  Apparently this [...]

2017-01-03T08:26:13+00:00 January 3rd, 2017|Nutrition & Health|
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