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Spiritual Awakening – What is it?

What is this thing called Spiritual Awakening?
How can it benefit me in my life?
Can I find spiritual awakening?
How do I know if spiritual awakening is happening to me?

Perhaps these are some of the questions that your mind is asking about spiritual awakening. You may have many others. Your mind may have lots of questions.

When I say the word mind, I mean your thinking mind. I mean the continuous thinking that you and every other human being has experienced at one time or another, often for a lifetime.

Do you experience a lot of thinking?

  • Does your mind race a lot?
  • What kind of things do you think about?
  • Does your mind worry a lot?
  • Do you think about all of the things that you need to be doing?
  • Is your body tense?
  • Does your mind jump from one situation to the next?
  • Does your mind change quickly, or does it dwell on the same thought for a long time.

For most people, it seems that thinking is a huge part of their life. In fact, it’s become so huge that it’s hidden another extremely part of life. Thinking has become so overriding that it now completely obscures the most vitally important aspect of life.

Spiritual Awakening – A Helpful Analogy

Spiritual awakening - a helpful analogy

Imagine if it were permanently night time, and you couldn’t see the sun anymore. In fact, imagine it had been so long since you’d seen the sun, that you didn’t even remember it ever existed. You no longer knew what the sun was, or what it was like to be out in daylight. You wandered around in the darkness, not knowing what was missing from your life, but you could sense that there was something hugely important absent. Something that if you found it again, would transform your life beyond all recognition.

Then one day the sun miraculously appeared, bringing the daylight. With a gasp of awe and a sigh of relief, you felt the warmth of the sun on your skin, and the whole of the world was illuminated around you. Ahhhh, the SUN! It’s so familiar to me! It makes me feel at home. This is my home!

This is what spiritual awakening is like. All of us have been living in the darkness. The clouds in this case are our thoughts and habitual behaviours, and they completely block the light of something very important from your life.

Words cannot describe what this something is, so it is literally impossible for me to tell you what it is. Just trust me. There is something there in the background. Something that is currently being obscured by all of your involuntary thinking.

Spiritual Awakening is the rediscovery of this wondrous thing, as you gradually release the fixed thought structures that have been erected in your mind, and allow your life to change to include it.